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Journey InDepth

Personal Development Consulting and Public Speaking

Discover Your Potential, Renew Your Passion, and Step Into Your Purpose.

Over the years I've compiled tools and techniques to help many people, including myself, to overcome life's obstacles, discover new perspectives, and develop effective strategies to become stronger and more successful people.

Journey InDepth offers individual or group services dealing with many areas and issues in life and business to help you gain or sharpen the tools needed for enhancing your personal or organizational perspective and potential in order to discover and step into new passions and a new purpose.

Life doesn't always go as planned. Let's face it, sometimes life just isn't fair. And sometimes we don't make the best choices along the way to make it any better. Sometimes we hurt other people either intentionally or unintentionally. But that doesn't mean we can't learn from our mistakes and make the necessary adjustments to overcome the odds and become a better person by learning how to handle the many different pressures and difficulties of life. Whether you're going through changes in life, looking for guidance in decisions, want to challenge yourself to become a better leader, looking to motivate and encourage your organizations team, stuck in a rut and can't seem to move forward, struggling with frustration, anger, depression, etc. Journey InDepth may be able to help you to start living intentionally.


Offering insight and encouragement to help you overcome life's challenges so you can experience healing and restoration to reach your fullest potential. Specializing in areas of addiction, anger, anxiety, bitterness, resentment, depression, fear, grief, stress, unforgiveness, worry, conflict resolution, marriage, parenting, and more.

Special workshops and classes are available in Anger Management, Stress Management, Marriage Enrichment, Nurturing Parenting, The Legacy of Fatherhood, as well as Understanding and Processing Grief.

Life Mapping

Life Mapping is a process designed for individuals or groups to teach and motivate you to see your life as one with purpose and effectiveness. Whether you're wrestling with a major decision, feeling burned-out, facing difficult circumstances, or stuck in a rut; you can discover how to move forward effectively. Through the process you will see the key factors that have played a role through your life, what pitfalls you need to avoid, what lessons can be learned from your past, and much more; giving you a clearer vision of your future.

Social Development

Learn the social skills you need to live life well within society. Gain strategies in dealing with difficult people, conducting yourself in difficult situations, earning respect from others, etc.

Perspective Coaching

Perspective Coaching can help you see the opportunities in the midst of difficulties and gain the outlook you need to face and handle life the right way.

Personal Development

Better yourself by establishing and working through a personal development plan designed to push you towards a more fulfilling life; a life of satisfaction, significance, and purpose.

Leadership Development and Team Building

Designed for individuals or groups to hone in on key leadership characteristics through interactive, experiential teaching that allows you to discover, develop, sharpen, and focus on the most essential leadership qualities resulting in effective leadership that will help you gain the confidence you need. You will discover and enhance ways to become a true leader. You will gain insight to understanding what it takes to motivate people by bringing the best out in them, and capture the most effective leadership characteristics you need to have the greatest influence. Team building activities and exercises will help your team function at their best individually so they can work better together corporately.

Motivational Speaking and Presentations

Inspirational thought provoking motivation at your conference, seminar, event, or retreat that offers encouragement and insight on many topics such as Fatherhood, Parenting, Bullying, Influence, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Overcoming the Odds of Life's Difficulties, and much more.